Standard Residential       $300

A standard residence is 4000 square feet with one kitchen and one furnace / air condition unit built after 1960.  Larger and historic home rates are negoitated based on complexity.  As a standard practice we only provide you with full color, digital reports.  We charge an addition $50 to print and mail your report. 

What you will recieve:
  • We comply with the stringent clauses of either the ASHI or InterNACHI "Standards of Practice" and "Code of Ethics"
  • Your inspection focuses entirely on issues concerning health, safety and integrity of your purchase.  
  • A statement of the expected life of air conditioning units, furnaces, boilers, water heaters and roofs (the biggest potential cost items facing the typical home owner).  To the best of our ability we will provide you with manufacture date of the system and a condition statement of "good," "fair," or "poor."  
  • We operate your furnace and air conditioning to determine if they operate.  We measure the temperature output at one register.  We will operate two faucets simutaneously in a single bathroom to determine adequacy of flow and we measure the maximum temperature output of one faucet.  We operate all faucets and toilets to assure proper operation.
  • We document the electrical service wire size and composition and provide you the location of your service panel.  We remove and reinstall your service panel cover to determine if the internal wires meet generally accepted safety requirements (no double taped lugs, frayed wires, proper grounding and bonding, and that your panel is not one of the models considerd a significant fire hazard.  We test all bathroom and kitchen outlets within 6 inches of a water source for operational and properly wired Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets or breakers.  We test one or two outlets in each room (if accessible) for proper wiring and operation.
  • We test all major appliance for basic operation and record all available manufacturer's face plates for serial and model numbers in your HomeBinder.  If easily discernable, we record manufacture and install dates. 
  • We assess the health of the major structural components of your home.  Understand, many of these components are hidden behind finishes and insulation.

What we won't do:
  • Assess your home for code compliance.  While we are well versed in current codes, the codes change from year-to-year and your home was only required to meet the codes which were approved at the time of construction or remodel.  Therefore, it is impossible and impractical to assess your home's compliance with code.  
  • Enter unsafe areas as defined by ASHI and InterNACHI's Standards of Practice.  
  • Move the homeowner's stuff to enter rooms, crawl spaces and attics.
  • Identify strictly cosmetic damage.  You have the same ability we do to recognize worn carpet, damaged gypsum board, scratched finishes, and non-structural cracking.
  • Provide you with cost estimates, engineering assessments or architectural opinions.  We are not insured to delve in to these areas.

Condo/Town Home         $200

Since Home Owners Associations own the exterior of these properties, we will provide you with a Stanard Residential Inspection, minus the exterior assessments.

Sewer Scoping         $150

This price is part of a Standard Residential home inspection.  A stand alone sewer scoping is $250.  You will recieve a video highlighting any major obstructions and collapse.

10% Military and Veteran Discount